Drive 2X Predictive Maintenance impact while boosting operational efficiency by up to 30%, with an Industry 4.0 solution

Traditional predictive maintenance solutions are ill-equipped to deliver accurate insights in evolving production environments, thereby delaying critical projects. Without the capability to counter evolving drifts, these models fail to detect potential machine failures. As a result, after some time maintenance costs and asset downtime start escalating while efficiencies reduce.

Compunnel’s outcome-focused Predictive Maintenance is a standalone Intelligent Enterprise solution leveraging an MLOps-driven AI/ML-IoT ecosystem to deliver accurate, real-time insights for boosting operational and cost efficiencies and productivity.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:
Achieve up to 30% higher asset uptime with accurate, real-time insights
Scale across dynamic production environments through MLOps
Protect valuable asset data with AI governance
Cost-effective deployment with a cloud-agnostic solution

About the Speaker:
Dr. Ravi Changle, Practice Head – AI & Emerging Technologies, Compunnel Digital

Dr. Ravi Changle is serving Compunnel Digital as Practice Head for AI & Emerging Technologies. An MBA in Investment Banking & Finance with a Ph.D. in Risk Analytics, Dr. Changle is a business-focused AI & Analytics expert with a proven ability to deliver valuable insights via data analytics and advanced data-driven methods. At Compunnel, he is leading a team of Sr. Data Scientists, Software Engineers & Data Science Consultants in delivering AI/ML innovations to global organizations. Currently, Dr. Changle is exploring new possibilities across AI, ML, MLOps, and Metaverse that can ease business journeys.