Learn how to find meaningful insights faster and enhance business innovation with a strong data catalog program.

Organizations today are literally swimming in data. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created globally every day, it can be hard for businesses with even the most sophisticated BI and analytics tools to cut through the noise and drill down to what’s relevant and business-critical. Do your users spend more time looking for data than they do analyzing it? Or do they lose time reproducing data assets that already exist?

If you’re struggling to get the most out of your BI and analytics assets, then it’s time to implement data catalog in your organization. A data catalog is an organized inventory of data assets across every aspect of your business.

Watch this On-demand Webinar to learn how Azure Data Catalog can help you collect, organize, access, and enrich metadata to support data discovery and governance.

In this Azure Data Catalog webinar on you will learn:

  • How to categorize your data challenges due to covid-19
  • How to consolidate data that sits in multiple locations
  • How users can leverage data catalog for more effective analytics
  • The key advantages of data catalog
  • A live demo of how to set up a data catalog on the Azure platform