Turn Your Data into a Competitive, Strategic Differentiator

Quickly accessing relevant big data insights is essential for organizational success—especially in today’s uncertain and rapidly changing market.

Today’s CDOs rely on a modern data management platform that allows their organizations to cleanse, match, and merge data of any type and from any domain to contribute to its completeness and quality. However, you must also bring analytics back to master data profiles to enrich and improve the data for a complete, closed loop with insights powering continuous data enrichment.

In this webinar we will discuss how a unified approach, supported by modern data management technologies, can help you address gaps in your legacy systems and deliver demonstrable business value, enabling you to turn your data into a truly strategic asset.


Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:


  • Steps to help you transform your data into a strategic asset.
  • How to build a modern data management platform to connect to all internal, external, and third-party data sources and blend the information by matching and merging data.
  • How to graph technologies to uncover complex relationships across data entities for operational and analytics processing.
  • Why raw data needs to be unearthed, polished, and brought to life for its real beauty and value to shine.
  • How to adapt to global changes in laws and regulations, enhanced security audits, and computer system validation.


About the Speaker:


Pradeep Sivanadri

Pradeep Sivanadri- Senior Data Scientist, Compunnel Digital

With over 15 years in the data space, Pradeep has a strong background in technologies such as Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Performance Analysis, and Statistical Modeling. As Compunnel Digital’s Senior Data Scientist, he leads analytics programs through their entire lifecycle, from inception to deployment and maintenance. Using innovative techniques with technologies such as Python, R, Hadoop ecosystem, Docker, AWS, and Azure, Pradeep prides himself on deriving meaningful insights that drive business value.