Build Flexible, Loosely Coupled Applications to Support Dynamic Business Needs

Organically grown organizations are typically stacked up with disparate monolithic applications and systems across siloed departments, adding to the technical debt. However, in today’s digital age, business agility is the need of the hour and it is imperative to build scalable, reliable and loosely coupled enterprise applications to support dynamic business needs. This webinar will cover the foundational approach for building microservices using different design patterns on Azure. Learn how to develop a harmonized way to support and sustain existing monolithic applications while transitioning to microservices architecture.

In this webinar we cover how to empower your development team by building on top of a microservices chassis foundation, helping you focus on critical business logic and reducing your overall development time. Learn about microservices best practices on Azure, and how you can leverage them to avoid creating data inconsistencies.

Watch the replay of this webinar about Microservices in Azure to learn:

  • Harmonized way of transitioning from monoliths to microservices.
  • Different design patterns for building microservices.
  • Means for improving the developer productivity using chassis foundation.
  • Well-structured orchestration of the development environment.
  • Best practices in MSA driven architecture.
  • Process & Governance Automation.