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The Future of AI and Data Governance  

Exciting and Urgent: The Future of AI and Data Governance  

Just published in Forbes Tech Council, an eye-opening piece by Dr. Ravi Changle, our Director of AI and Emerging Technologies at Compunnel.
 “In an AI-augmented world where data is king, we stand at a critical juncture. The integration of AI and data isn’t just a technical challenge; it’s the cornerstone of future innovation and ethical responsibility.” – Dr. Ravi Changle 

Read the full article here now:  To Create A Unified Data And AI Governance Framework (

Why should you care? Because…
– The balance between data privacy and AI’s predictive prowess is delicate and crucial
– Unified AI and data governance isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity for future-proofing businesses
– Ethical dilemmas and regulatory compliance aren’t hurdles; they are pathways to innovation and public trust.

Dr. Changle’s insights sheds light on:
– The criticality of a Unified Data and AI Governance Framework
– The indispensable elements for creating this framework
– The ongoing challenges and solutions in ethical AI implementation

Are you prepared for the AI-driven future? Are your AI and data governance strategies adaptable, ethical, and effective?
The time to act is now. This article isn’t just a read; it’s a wake-up call to embrace and govern AI responsibly. 

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