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Compunnel Applauds TestGrid’s Launch of CoTester™: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Software Testing

New Jersey, April 25,2024  – Compunnel a leading advocate for innovation in the software testing community, proudly shines a spotlight on TestGrid’s latest milestone: the introduction of CoTester™, the world’s first AI Software Tester. This groundbreaking innovation represents a paradigm shift in software testing, promising to redefine industry standards and empower testers worldwide.

CoTester™, developed by TestGrid, embodies a commitment to excellence and innovation. Its revolutionary capabilities are poised to transform the landscape of software testing, liberating testers from mundane tasks and enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional software at unprecedented speeds. “At Compunnel, we recognize and celebrate groundbreaking advancements our partners make that push the boundaries of what’s possible in software testing,” says Harry Rao, CEO & Founder of  Testgrid. CoTester™ epitomizes innovation in action, offering unparalleled expertise across a variety of testing platforms, from Selenium to Cypress, and Appium to Robot. We commend TestGrid for their dedication to revolutionizing the testing industry. CoTester™ seamlessly integrates into existing testing frameworks, offering a dynamic and adaptable approach to software testing. Its tireless nature and extensive knowledge make it a valuable companion for testers, enhancing efficiency and productivity across the board.

“We’re thrilled to witness the launch of CoTester™ and the transformative impact it will have on software testing,” adds Rakesh. This isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer that will unlock new realms of efficiency and productivity for testers worldwide. Compunnel extends heartfelt congratulations to TestGrid on this remarkable achievement and looks forward to continued collaboration in driving innovation within the software testing community.

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TestGrid is a leading provider of end-to-end automation cloud and on-premise testing solutions. With a focus on simplifying the testing process, TestGrid’s innovative AI-powered technology allows organizations to achieve significant time and cost savings while accelerating their go-to-market strategies.

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