Top 6 Challenges Small Businesses Encounter on Their MDM Journey

Master data management (MDM) solutions have been always considered something only for big giants and not for small or medium-sized organizations. MDM solutions offered by data analytics services companies are used widely as the spreadsheets they use to manage business data work great and the accounting system is the only place where the charts and accounts should exist. MDM is only for bigger organizations makes absolute sense as most of the SMBs are skeptical. Reasons are many.

  • lack of time to execute new business strategies,
  • limitations in buying MDM tools and software, and
  • lack of knowledge as well as resources on convincing their organization about why they need an MDM for their business.

Most of the problems arise when an organization fails to justify why they need what they need. However, those are not the only roadblocks for an MDM adoption. Here are the top MDM challenges which SMBs might encounter during their MDM implementation.


Key MDM Challenges for SMBs
Key MDM Challenges for SMBs Compunnel

Regardless of the size of an organization, the bottom line always lies in making prudent business decisions, improve customer engagements, and increase efficiencies. Once the data quality improves, it positively affects the overall business performance.

The challenges discussed above are just the tip of an iceberg, more challenges can be realized only when MDM implementation is brought into actual practice.

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