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Creating smarter & intelligent operations solutions

Today, manufacturers strive to work in a borderless environment by investing in operational intelligence, rapid prototyping, and developing products quickly to improve the customer experience. This has created a need for transparency and connectivity among stakeholders, to deliver real-time information and adapt to digital concepts. Manufacturers need to rethink their IT processes, operations, and systems to become more agile and competitive and achieve best-in-class products

Increasing operational efficiency

Increasing Operational efficiency

With automation, AI/ML, and other technologies by reducing manual workloads

Reducing Costly Disruptions

Reducing Costly Disruptions

By offering predictive solutions to preempt machine failures and boost uptime

Achieving workforce scalability

Achieving Workforce Scalability

Through tailored strategies for building diverse talent pools with relevant industry segment expertise

Our Manufacturing industry expertise

22+ Market-leading organizations served
organizations served
1450+ Transformations successfully delivered
successfully delivered
850+ Consultants across skillsets deployed
Consultants across
skillsets deployed

What we do

Creating a connected manufacturing value chain to drive enhanced experiences and productivity

Product DevelopmentProduct Development icon

Product Development

Enabling enterprises to bring new ideas to market quickly with customized technology solutions

Production Planning & ControlProduction Planning & Control icon

Production Planning & Control

Creating solutions for building connected facilities that improve productivity and management

Quality ManagementQuality Management icon

Quality Management

Helping enterprises improve asset management and reliability with tailored quality control solutions

Manufacturing Process-control ApplicationsManufacturing Process-control Applications icon

Manufacturing Process-control Applications

Tailoring digital applications to help you gain better control over your processes and improve efficiency

Business Intelligence & Advanced AnalyticsBusiness Intelligence & Advanced Analytics icon

Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics

Leveraging powerful analytics to enhance your decision-making capabilities with improved insights

Mobile SolutionsMobile Solutions icon

Mobile Solutions

Empowering your workforce with mobile solutions for greater flexibility and control

Accounting & Regulatory ReportingAccounting & Regulatory Reporting icon

Accounting & Regulatory Reporting

Developing digital solutions to streamline your regulatory and compliance processes and mitigate risks

Talent SolutionsTalent Solutions icon

Talent Solutions

Providing digital, engineering, and professional talent with relevant manufacturing segment expertise to power your growth

Segments we serve

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Leverage the latest advancements in AI/ML, data science and analytics to optimize your production environment

Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing

Optimize production while reducing operating costs through tailored automation solutions

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