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Banking and Financial Services

The banking and financial services industry is in a constant state of flux. Organizations are dealing with a new breed of tech-savvy competitors. At the same time, they have to counter sudden disruptions, increased compliance requirements, new security threats, and shifting customer behaviour in an increasingly digital world. In a nutshell, it is becoming harder for institutions to offer an optimized customer experience across touchpoints. […]

Government Services

Government agencies across federal, state, and local levels are struggling to overcome a paucity of resources and time to meet people’s growing expectations. Besides supply chain disruptions impacting civil service delivery, increasing skills gaps are also deterring agencies from achieving their public service goals. Embracing new technologies and workforce models has become the key for agencies to expedite service delivery to citizens. […]


Healthcare organizations are aiming to explore new opportunities with advanced technology and innovative growth strategies. They are also looking to deliver a unified care experience across physical and digital touchpoints. To achieve success, they must build the right digital solutions and work with the best talent. […]


Digital disruptions and evolving customer expectations are forcing insurance companies to expand and expedite technology adoption. However, building solutions to enhance customer experience and modernize operating models for heightened process efficiency is not an easy task. Insurers need an experienced solutions partner to expedite change and efficiently meet customer demands. […]


Today, manufacturers are looking to leverage digital and data to build resilience for countering uncertainties. Companies are turning to advanced technology to mitigate risks while achieving smart manufacturing capabilities. However, keeping pace with rapidly evolving technologies is not an easy task. At the same time, their struggles with workforce churn are also resulting in a talent crunch. […]

Awards and Recognition

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