The Client:  
The client is a leading non-profit healthcare organization in Georgia, providing high-quality care to 500,000 residents through five hospitals, 25 clinics, and over 4,000 healthcare employees. It specializes in various areas such as cardiovascular, orthopedics, gynecology, and oncology. 

The Challenge:  
Healthcare professionals were needed to treat COVID-19 patients 24X7. Candidates hesitated due to the absence of vaccines. A staffing partner was required to onboard candidates and establish a specialized COVID-19 team quickly. Orientation on safety measures was necessary for candidates working with COVID patients. Short-term contracts of 4 to 6 weeks with bulk hiring were involved.

The Solution:  
Compunnel prioritized inter-team collaboration to meet urgent human capital demand. Recruiters from various offices worked together to place talent in large volumes. A Quick Response Team (QRT) of 15 experienced members was deployed in Georgia to source highly qualified candidates. They utilized traditional job boards and advanced recruiting practices, ensuring on-time onboarding within 24 hours.

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