As mid-market companies emerge from their first digital journey, the cracks from siloed planning and poorly integrated strategies are becoming evident. In 4 out of 10 cases, conflicting priorities undermined digitalization outcomes, making it hard for nearly 70% of leaders to justify value, putting subsequent rounds of digital transformation funding at risk. As companies are starting to prepare for digital transformation 2.0, it is time for a check up.

This eBook sheds light on the difference between inclusive and exclusive digital transformation strategies. It highlights how an organization guided by an inclusive digital transformation strategy successfully achieved leveled maturity that allowed it to fully monetize on its digital transformation investment as compared to a company whose digital transformation initiatives were driven by an exclusive IT strategy.

The eBook further explains that a digital transformation strategy’s ability to coordinate improvements across all 6 core business enablers (people, process, technology, governance, information & channels), and integrate directly to other business strategies will determine its success.