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Data management workshop

Welcome to the zenith of data management excellence. With 60% of leaders prioritizing data governance—key for CDOs and 80% more critical than AI—our workshop turns theory into practical mastery. Poor data governance can drain 20-40% of IT budgets, but our sessions offer strategic tools and insights, positioning your institution for efficient data compliance and management thereby saving upto 40% in IT costs. Enhance your compliance protocols and improve data integrity to set new standards of excellence.




Data Quality Management Workshop

Transforming Data Governance and Quality into Strategic Assets

Upgrade your organization’s data practices with our comprehensive workshop. Explore the core elements of data governance and data quality management, tailored specifically for your institution. This workshop provides sophisticated strategies to align your organization’s practices with regulatory compliance and operational demands, ensuring data security, accuracy, completeness, and reliability.

Why Attend?

  • Seamless Regulatory Compliance: Gain an in-depth understanding of integrating compliance with daily operations, ensuring security and adherence to international standards like GDPR, CCPA, and SOX

  • Direct Expertise with Data Experts: Engage directly with data management experts to gain insights in implementing frameworks that improve Data accuracy, completeness, consistency, and reliability

  • Hands-On Experience with Data Framework: Work with your own data sets to identify and address issues in your data management framework and identify advanced tools and techniques to attain top of the industry standards

  • Actionable Insights for Data Governance: Gain practical, bespoke insights that provide necessary skills and clear, practical, and implementable action steps to lead initiatives for Data quality and governance

  • Maturity Assessment

    Maturity Assessment: Participate in an interactive session to evaluate and enhance your governance and data quality maturity, promoting a proactive approach to Data management

Expect to Walk Away With

Custom Action Plans

Receive bespoke strategies for data governance and quality tailored to your specific organizational needs

Streamlined Data Planning

Implement accelerated planning processes that ensure robust governance and superior data quality

Strategic Data Roadmap

Develop and execute a data strategy aligned with business goals using a clear, step-by-step guide

Enhanced Data Security Measures

Implement cutting-edge security protocols to safeguard your data against breaches and ensure compliance with global standards

Scalable Data Solutions

Discover how to design and implement scalable data management solutions that grow with your organization’s needs

Consumer Trust Enhancement

Implement strategies that enhance consumer trust through improved data governance and quality

Business Intelligence

Gain insights and tools to transform your data into actionable intelligence for better decision-making

Legal Obligations Compliance

Ensure your data management practices are fully compliant with legal and regulatory requirements, avoiding costly penalties

This Data Management workshop equips leaders with practical skills in integrations, recommendations, reporting, timelines, budgets, proposals, and future state mapping of data for business success. 

Transform Your Data into

Dynamic Decisions

Are you ready to transform your data into your most powerful asset? Discover how our expert six-step methodology can refine your organization’s data strategy, aligning data with your business goals to unlock new levels of growth and efficiency.

Identify critical business challenges and opportunities where data can be a game-changer by solving key problems and propelling business goals.

Determine the essential data that will maximize business impact by identifying crucial data and key use cases.

Craft an organizational structure tailored to enhance data value extraction by optimizing roles and structure for data.

Strategize data access and usage that balances security with strategic decision-making by ensuring data security and accessibility.

Evaluate and upgrade technology platforms to modern standards, including cloud migration, for modernizing data platforms.

Outline necessary actions for effective data strategy deployment by prioritizing critical initiatives and their implementation sequence.

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Expert Panel

Our workshop’s expert panel, led by Dr. Bhupendra, Tarun Jain, and Himanshu Kumar, will help you gain transformative insights in data management.

Himanshu Kumar

Vice President- Digital Solutions

Himanshu Kumar brings 17 years of IT expertise, specializing in e-commerce solutions that drive growth and engagement. A Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist with an MBA, he excels in AI/ML, data analytics, cloud computing, and intelligent automation.

Tarun Jain

Data Strategy & Insights

Tarun Jain an IIT alumnus with 20+ years of experience, has empowered global organizations through strategic MDM programs. A certified PMP and MBA, his insights drive operational excellence by balancing commercial and technical factors.

Bhupendra Kumar Verma

Director – Senior Strategist & Architect

With his Ph.D. in Data Science, Dr. Bhupendra champions Data Governance and Business Intelligence within our ranks. He leads our Data Science Competency, transforming complex data into compelling actionable strategies for growth.

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Discover untapped business potential in your network

Explore untapped business potential in your network with our intensive workshop. Focus on the pivotal role of data management, integrating data governance and data quality to support precise analytics and regulatory compliance for your business. This workshop equips participants with essential knowledge and tools to evaluate, enhance, and maintain high data quality standards within their organizations, ensuring robust data governance practices and driving business success.

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