The Client:
Our customer is a renowned manufacturer in the electrical industry, specializing in power management, energy storage, and electronic components. With a remarkable sales revenue surpassing $19 billion, this company has established a strong presence in over 170 countries worldwide.

The Problem:
Our client encountered various challenges in their recruitment efforts. One of their key objectives was to hire specialized IT professionals with expertise in building and deploying AI/ML tools and solutions. However, efficiently screening and onboarding remote candidates who were the best fit proved a significant hurdle.

The Impact:
Our specialized IT recruitment team transformed challenges into success. Using predictive analytics within Staffline, we pinpointed top candidates from our vast talent pool based on precise criteria. Enhanced by screening partnerships with Glider.Ai and, our approach ensures unmatched results. In tech recruitment, our expertise speaks volumes:

  • 40% Quicker Time-to-Hire
  • Twofold Quality Assurance
  • Mastery in Tech Volume Hiring
  • Deep Knowledge of Salt Lake City
  • 24-48 Hr. Talent Acquisition in Utah

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