The Client:  
Our client, the global life sciences company, has many labs and centers for patients in the US. They work with doctors, drug companies, and researchers to give accurate and quick medical test results.

The Problem:  
The company set its sights on improving its performance and ensuring steady growth by tackling these obstacles. The client faced two main challenges. Firstly, a separate and distinct lab system existed for each lab they acquired. Secondly, these individual systems followed different business processes, leading to inconsistencies that hurt the company’s brand value. 

The Solution:  
Compunnel’s team has accomplished a series of actions that significantly cut down businesses’ yearly IT expenses by almost 40%. Our solution involved creating a forward-looking plan for the IT setup called “IRIS,” which included a clear project timeline. This covered the entire range of business operations and was determined by assessing what makes sense. Additionally, we visualized how the transition would happen over the years and conducted a thorough analysis of the infrastructure’s effects, along with suggestions for fixing any issues.

Download the case study to showcase the Compunnel’s work in optimizing IT structures.