Learn how Compunnel empowered a leading mortgage company specializing in property tax solutions to overcome performance challenges and gain a competitive edge. By implementing tailored Performance Testing strategies, the client optimized operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Client Overview

Our client, a renowned provider of property tax solutions, serves residential and commercial property owners across the United States. Operating from strategic locations in Texas, they prevent property foreclosure by offering streamlined tax services.

Inside Analysis


Challenges Faced

Our client encountered several challenges, including higher production defects due to slow website and network latency. They also faced degraded application performance, inefficient resource management, and allocation problems. Inaccurate capacity planning led to scalability issues, further complicating matters. These challenges resulted in poor customer satisfaction and reduced production efficiency. Addressing these issues required comprehensive solutions to ensure smooth business operations.

Results Achieved

  • 70% improvement in response time metrics.
  • 60% decrease in system downtime and failures.
  • 30% reduced overall testing time.


Beyond the Evident

Compunnel’s Performance Testing & Engineering solution sparked a transformative shift, amplifying operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and stability. Beyond these pivotal metrics, it instilled a culture of innovation and adaptability, fostering competitiveness and resilience. The establishment of a mature QA process streamlined operations, accelerating time-to-market and enhancing customer trust.

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