The Client:  
Our customer is a well-regarded media news agency that delivers comprehensive market information to financial consultants globally. The firm encountered difficulties in efficiently organizing news articles from multiple sources and enhancing the experience for advisors. 
The Problem:  
The company embarked on a mission to tackle these obstacles to improve its performance and attain enduring growth. The client’s challenges included the absence of a consolidated platform offering access to pre-and post-marketing briefings and the necessity for an analytics dashboard capable of monitoring and presenting diverse metrics. 
The Solution: 
Compunnel’s team has executed the subsequent actions, resulting in the alleviation of bottlenecks for the business. These actions encompassed the deployment of a News Recommender Engine, harnessing advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, and creating an intuitive web portal interface. This interface facilitated financial advisors to access the most recent news articles effortlessly. 
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