The Client

Our client is a leading tele-healthcare company that has over a decade of experience in delivering software solutions for clinical needs such as tele-stroke, online urgent care, Emergency Department throughput store and forward referrals, patient discharge, and patient communities.

The Challenge

The client had deployed a suite of 15 applications using Microsoft® .Net 4.5 and SQL Server 2012, on the cloud, using a homegrown AWS architecture. Our AWS Infrastructure Configuration Assessment revealed significant issues due to the lack of right in-house AWS technical expertise, including:

> Constant downtime leading to low availability, thereby creating issues while accessing existing databases and reporting services.
> Lack of sound in-house cloud expertise hampering cloud adoption and successful migration from the current infrastructure.
> Negative impact on business revenues as the system needs to be halted during maintenance.
> Lack of encryption in existing databases making database security a matter of great concern.