What to Expect

This case study is a journey that reflects Compunnel’s prowess in transforming organizations with its acute implementation of Security QA Engineering. Explore how Compunnel’s solutions have empowered a leading mortgage solution provider to secure their operations and mitigate risks effectively.

Inside Analysis

Client Challenges

Within today’s dynamic business landscape, our client, a renowned mortgage solution provider encountered multifaceted challenges threatening their security and integrity. Compliance and regulatory risks, data breach vulnerabilities, cyber threats, and privacy concerns posed significant obstacles to business continuity and reputation. We helped them understand and mitigate these challenges to ensure sustained success and trust among stakeholders.

Our approach empowered the organization to navigate compliance landscapes effectively, safeguard sensitive data, fend off cyber threats, and uphold customer privacy with confidence and resilience.

Remarkable Outcomes

  • Improved Customer Trust: 50% boost in customer confidence and satisfaction.
  • Reduced Security Incidents:70% decrease in security breaches.
  • Mitigated Risk of Malware Attacks: Reduced vulnerability to malware threats by 50%.
  • Minimized System Downtime:90% reduction in emergency fixes due to security defects.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Increased compliance with regulatory requirements by 60%.
  • Streamlined Incident Resolution: 15% efficiency improvement in identifying and resolving security incidents.


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