The client:
A well-known media company that operates various internal platforms with a wide range of content. This content includes tools, products, forms, PDFs, webpages, podcasts, images, and videos. However, the client has been facing difficulties in ensuring content accessibility due to the scattered distribution of their extensive resources. 

The Problem:
The client aimed to improve their portal search to locate and display global content from all platforms. Challenges included the absence of a centralized portal, a need for an integrated search system with helpful features, inadequate search filtration, and an unorganized format for displaying results. However, the client was determined to overcome these challenges and enhance content accessibility for users.

The Solution:
Compunnel used a multifaceted approach to improve their search feature, implementing an Interactive Global Web Search system, an integrated search box with smart autocomplete, and a dedicated filtering and faceting search system. These solutions consolidated content from multiple platforms, enhanced search accuracy and usability, and allowed users to refine their searches.

To know more about the solutions and result, download the case study.