The Client:
Our client is a worldwide financial establishment delivering a comprehensive array of financial, wealth, and investment management services in over 40 countries. The firm maintained a vast collection of financial documents distributed across various storage platforms. 

The Problem:
The client faced challenges due to their decentralized system, including the absence of a text-based search engine like Google, hindering efficient information retrieval. Users also lacked a straightforward method to directly interact with search results, such as opening or saving documents. Moreover, the need to search keywords across multiple storage systems underscored the necessity for an integrated solution to enhance document retrieval processes. 

The Solution:
Compunnel created an AI-driven Intelligent Document Retrieval System utilizing advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. This enabled efficient keyword-based searches akin to Google’s interface. The system integrated crawling, indexing, and categorizing functionalities across various storage systems, resulting in a unified document repository. The search results were thoughtfully designed to display 100-word snippets with highlighted keywords, enhancing users’ ability to gauge document relevance quickly. 

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