Enabling Faster Go-to-Market With Predictive Maintenance
Our Predictive Maintenance accelerator enables the leading enterprise to successfully meet the product launch deadline

The Client
Our client is one of the world’s biggest automotive tire manufacturers making products for all types of vehicles. The company employs over 20,000 people worldwide and achieved sales of over $5 billion in 2020.

The Challenge
Our client’s new product launch was in danger of getting delayed due to a lack of accurate real-time product testing data analysis. The absence of this vital piece was preventing the tire manufacturer from completing the process to launch an efficient product and beating the competition.

The Technology
Compunnel deployed its versatile MLOps-driven Predictive Maintenance accelerator to solve the client’s challenges. Harnessing AI/ML and IoT, and functioning seamlessly in the cloud and the client’s industrial environment, our Predictive Maintenance enabled the client to reach the market ahead of the competition.

Download the case study to discover how our Predictive Maintenance empowered the client to complete the testing in time with 67% better process efficiency.