What to Expect

Join us on an exciting journey and explore how Compunnel partnered with a leading technical college in Texas to transform their enrollment, attrition, and retention strategies using cutting-edge Data Analytics and Machine Learning. This case study shows Compunnel’s innovative approach and its remarkable impact on the college’s operations, presenting our expert solutions in driving educational success.

Inside Analysis


Client Challenges

The technical college faced critical issues such as low student retention rates, inaccurate enrollment forecasting, limited data utilization, geographic limitations, program-specific attrition, and gender disparities in financial aid distribution. 


Our Approach

Compunnel addressed these challenges by implementing predictive retention and enrollment forecasting models, establishing robust data quality frameworks, creating real-time interactive dashboards, and formulating customized engagement strategies. We also recommended policy adjustments and leveraged text, sentiment, and geospatial analyses to provide deeper insights and guide strategic decisions. 

Remarkable Outcomes

Compunnel’s strategic interventions led to significant improvements at the college:

  1. Enhanced Enrollment Forecasting: Introduced forecasting tools, increasing enrollment prediction accuracy by 75%.
  2. Predictive Retention Models: Implemented machine learning models, improving student retention rates by 25%.
  3. Customized Engagement Strategies: Formulated tailored support programs, reducing dropout rates among at-risk students by 40%.
  4. Data Quality Improvement Framework: Established robust data validation processes, improving data integrity by 50%.
  5. Real-Time Interactive Dashboards: Created Power BI dashboards, increasing real-time data access by 80%.


Achieve the Full Potential of Data-Driven Education

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