Designing an effective performance management program for frontline leaders

The Company

The client is the largest financial services group and one of the biggest banks in Europe. They aim to have a meaningful impact on the world by imparting the knowledge they’ve gained over 200 years in the banking industry to their clients and the communities where they do business. The four countries in which the client operates primarily are Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, all of which consistently rank among the highest-performing nations on metrics such as productivity, wealth, digitalization, and more.

Business Challenges

The client wanted to deliver an efficient eLearning program for their globally dispersed frontline leaders. Their key challenges were:

  • There was a need to deliver short-duration training modules that were accessible on the go.
  • The frontline leaders lacked the desired skills, knowledge and time to meet their teams’ communication needs.
  • The frontline leaders and other employees were not aligned towards the common business goals.