The Client:  
Our client, a leading media news agency with over 1.5 million digital subscribers, partnered with Compunnel to amplify online audience engagement. The collaboration aimed to achieve this by harnessing multiple statistical and machine-learning models to maximize the pertinence of content and products. 

The Problem:  
The client struggled to utilize cloud technology in developing a recommendation engine to enhance audience engagement. Key challenges included the lack of personalized recommendations based on user history, the need for automated content refreshment, and the absence of mechanisms to track click activity and article history. 

The Solution:  
In a collaborative effort, Compunnel partnered with the media company to optimize content and product relevance through two key solutions. Firstly, a scalable cloud-based Recommendation Engine for Marketing was implemented, capable of processing extensive user behavior data to offer personalized recommendations. Secondly, a targeted content delivery system was designed to align with viewers’ demographics, sales assets, and browsing history, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.

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