Increase Your eCommerce Bottom Line with Magento  


Are you amongst the 250,000 businesses still using Magento 1 and sitting skeptical on the fence contemplating if migration to Magento 2 is worth it? Are you wondering if Magento 2 can lower your risks and improve market share through digital transformation and eCommerce platform agility?

A robust eCommerce architecture that ensures a frictionless and secure customer experience is an absolute must for businesses looking to avert business risks. If your priority is improving customer experience (as it should be) then your digital transformation journey should be focused on becoming a customer centric organization.

The first step towards driving customer centricity would be to invest in deep journey mapping  that helps businesses to visualize how customers feel and engage at every touchpoint. This understanding helps a business to ensure the customer’s journey is frictionless ensuring maximum engagement and favorable action.

Once equipped with the understanding about your customer persona, touchpoints and other factors through the deep journey mapping exercise. The next factor to consider is a  robust eCommerce  platform that supports your vision of customer centricity.

This is where Magento trumps other eCommerce platforms. Magento 2 offers a broad range of flexible tools to fulfill your advanced marketing, catalog management, and SEO needs. Magento 2 makes it easier to control your online business’s look, content, and functionality, ensuring you are on top of your game.

Here are the Top 5 features of Magento that can help increase your bottom line

Responsive Mobile Friendly Design (m-Commerce) 

By the end of 2021, mobile devices will make up 73% of total Ecommerce sales globally. Astounding numbers, isn’t it? Undoubtedly, mobile commerce is a bigger market and a preferred channel of shopping for customers more than ever. As the pandemic has catapulted mobile Ecommerce. Which clearly indicates that your brand mobile experience plays a crucial to remain competitive and deliver seamless CX.  Having an efficient and reliable eCommerce platform like Magento that offers features like catalogue management, SEO functionality, order management and many other amazing features can help you create a best m-Commerce experience.

Strong Omnichannel Presence

Selling on one channel has become a thing of past your business can grow much faster when you add new storefronts for different locations. However, adding multiple storefronts and managing those domains, refreshing content, driving traffic & syncing data between platforms is daunting. And you never get a consolidated view of the business.



Your eCommerce platform should enable you to support multiple storefronts under one roof. Magento simplifies your task of overseeing each sub-business by unifying all sites under one admin console. It enables dynamic search with auto-suggested terms and filterable tags that make for an unparalleled user experience across all your stores and saves you time and money.

Ease of Integration 

The seamless merging of eCommerce with other channels, throughout the entire customer experience is the key to success and the need of the hour. Also known as omnichannel Magento integration enables third-party platforms to call the Magento web APIs. Magento APIs support Customer relationship management (CRM), Accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Management (PIM) and Marketing Automation Systems.

One- Page Checkout- checkout possesses a significant impact on an eCommerce website. If the checkout process is lengthy or glitched it can often lead to cart abandonment.  whereas Magento’s easy checkout process- Customers no need to pay separately for each product purchase during checkout. Also, there is no need to install numerous extensions to ensure a quick checkout. Magento’s one-step checkout feature makes the shopping experience hassle-free.

Secure Payment Gateways

It is important to choose a payment method that suits your business along with the ease it brings to your customers. They are trying to tailor the application and method as per their convenience. Magento supports almost all popular payment methods such as PayPal,, Google checkout, Amazon payment, bank transfer, cash on delivery and other methods.

Focusing on the Bottom Line is the Only Way Forward

Whether you have an existing online store or plan to start one in the future, it is always advisable to choose a platform that fits your budget and preferences. It is imperative to understand the necessities of your business in order to grow. Your platform should create unique customer experience and helps you uncover new opportunities.

Can it integrate with other platforms? Does it provide easy buyer experience? Will it provide the in-depth analytics and reports? Does the platform support SEO? You need a solution to have all your questions answered from community to superior support, multitasking to flexibility- Magento ticks all the boxes that make up the list of prerequisites of an active, successful, and sustainable eCommerce business that positively impacts the bottom line to help you gain big.

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