Client Overview:

Our client in the Talent Management and Recruitment Industry manages approximately 3000 opportunities per month and sought to leverage Azure Cloud to efficiently meet growing demands.


  • Scaling Recruitment Operations: Needed to scale recruiters, user base, and resume database without duplication.
  • Performance Optimization: Outdated technology stack required better performance.
  • Background Verification: Ensuring thorough candidate background checks.
  • Data Management: Handling large volumes of critical data with high quality.
  • User Access Control: Robust mechanisms needed to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Legacy System Issues: Existing system lacked scalability and faced performance issues.



Compunnel implemented an event-driven Azure microservices-based cloud-native solution to manage the entire candidate lifecycle. Key components included scalable architecture, enhanced UI/UX with Azure Cognitive Services, continuous monitoring and security, operational efficiency through microservices, CI/CD pipeline integration, and an advanced cognitive chatbot for support.


  • Scalability: 85% increase in platform scalability.
  • Cost Reduction: 70% reduction in operational costs.
  • Uptime: 99.99% platform uptime.
  • Data Processing: 40% faster data processing.
  • User Engagement: 50% improvement in user engagement.



Compunnel’s Azure solution significantly improved recruitment operations, enhancing customer experience and efficiency, demonstrating our capability in delivering innovative digital solutions.

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