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Engagement Options

Engagement Options as Personalized as Our Solutions

Compunnel’s tailored engagement options come with a proven track record of success – from helping small companies realize their potential to propelling global corporations to new heights. Designed to maximize business value while ensuring your satisfaction, our time-tested engagement options not only optimize your cost savings but also promise flexibility.

Our customizable engagement options are designed to satisfy your unique needs whether your requirements and budget are already clearly defined or you’re hoping to leverage our resources and expertise to keep up with ever-evolving requirements.

Just as we tailor our solutions to your needs, we tailor the engagement so there’s no need to worry if your project fits perfectly within a single model or requires us to take a combination of models.

Fixed-Cost Model
Recommended for projects involving well-defined requirements, this model eliminates cost-related uncertainties, allowing you to plan for (and stick to) a surprise-free budget.


  • Eliminates surprise cost escalations
  • Fosters the development of a concrete plan with points of progress that are easy to track

Best Suited For

  • Windows/Web application development with clear functionalities
  • Small projects with measurable user-defined features and deliverables
  • Pre-decided features limited by a fixed budget and timeframe

Time & Material Model
This model, particularly useful for projects that are complex and prone to midstream changes, allows us to determine your project cost based on the precise amount of time and resources we’ve expended to complete it. This ensures that you not only get what you pay for, but also exactly what you need.


  • Adapts readily to your business’s dynamic needs
  • Promises supreme flexibility from start to finish, whether that means altering specifications, adjusting project
    resources or accommodating unplanned activities

Best Suited For:

  • Projects with evolving requirements
  • Application or product development
  • Research and development based projects

Dedicated Resource Model
In this model, a dedicated team trained in your industry, systems and processes acts as a seamless extension to your staff, cultivating a strategic outsourcing partnership that allows you to dip into a pool of experienced and highly skilled IT professionals.


  • Grants your business access to a large and diverse pool of expertise
  • Optimizes your costs by taking advantage of offshore resources
  • Offers a ready-to-use infrastructure, resulting in quick turnaround for new projects and requirements

Best Suited For:

  • Organizations involved in ongoing product development
  • Long term projects and partnerships
  • Businesses in which domain expertise and timely support are critical for success

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