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Cloud Development

Cloud Development for Applications Tailored to Your Business

Have plans for new cloud applications or modifications to existing ones? Want to build a business on the web or leverage the cloud to build a new solution? Building an application on the cloud involves a 180° shift in approach.

Imagine an application that holds a small footprint and then expands as the demand for it increases. Or, perhaps you’re in need of an application that hibernates when not in use, saving you tons of money on infrastructure costs during idle time.

Or, imagine an application that will wake up from sleep when accessed. Maybe you’d like your web store scale to handle a million hits on a Black Friday, then shrink back into a smaller shell at times of lean traffic. Consider the power and flexibility of when your cloud application becomes an overnight success and is able to scale itself from running on 1 or 2 instances to a 1000 instances overnight.

These are just a few examples of how 0-Downtime Cloud Solutions can help you design applications engineered to make the best of the cloud.

Our Approach:

  • Work with your business leaders to completely understand your business objectives
  • Work with the identified user groups to analyze requirements and put together use cases
  • Identify the best software platform to build the solution on
  • Design and architect an auto-scaling web application with appropriate building blocks that leverages the best of everything that cloud has to offer
  • Put together a development plan and work with your project managers to initiate the development lifecycle
  • Perform acceptance testing, do bug fixes and go live
  • Monitor and support application on an ongoing basis


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