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Big Data

Big Data Solutions to Drive Better Business Results

The huge volume, speed and diversity of data available to enterprises today has the power to transform how businesses interact with customers and make decisions. Most importantly, now is the time to act while Big Data is in its infancy to ensure your enterprise becomes a pioneer and can consistently outperform your competitors.

Just as the opportunities seem limitless, however, the challenges can be just as immense. Compunnel has the expertise in planning, implementation, support services and advanced analytics you need to create the ideal Big Data solution for your unique business needs.

The key to spurring growth and honing your competitive edge is adapting your information management strategies to leverage Big Data and extract valuable insights to improve market share, understand new trends and extend reach with customized products and services.

What Exactly is Big Data?
Big Data is more than just a large amount of information. It is defined by having one or more of these traits:

  • Diversity – Data coming from both internal and external sources that is structured, unstructured and semi-structured.
  • Volume – A huge amount of detailed data coming from a variety of sources such as applications, the Internet, mobile devices and social media.
  • Velocity – The speed at which data changes is swift, including batch, near real-time, real-time and streaming.

In order to improve business performance, you need Big Data analytics that employ advanced techniques such as data mining, decision trees, regression and neural networks to gain new perceptions about your customers, products and partners.

It’s Time for New Solutions
The traditional approach to data management is no longer going to be sufficient to sustain growth and drive better business outcomes. Enterprises that don’t find a way to integrate all data sources – including the vast amount of data from social media, sensors, weblogs, mobile devices, the Internet, emails and the latest gadgets – will soon be left behind.

Compunnel’s expert consultants know how to create the ideal environment suited to your business needs. They carefully determine all components of a Big Data platform required for advanced analytics on the combined power of data sets from your data warehouse and Big Data. Our services include:

  • Roadmap Assessment – The first step is to assess your entire data management approach to determine how best to incorporate Big Data into your existing, traditional data warehouse environment.
  • Technology Evaluation – Big Data analytics require an enterprise architecture with a dynamic set of tools that can be scaled efficiently for growth. Based on your current and future needs, we help you evaluate different vendors and Open Source options and recommend which technologies to implement.
  • Hadoop Quick Start – For enterprises that are new to Hadoop but want to quickly implement a business process using it, we offer a quick start program that includes access to our Hadoop environment, development of ETL for your Big Data, design and implementation of Map-reduce solutions and deployment of Hadoop on private or public clouds.

Contact us to today to learn more about how Compunnel can help your enterprise leverage Big Data for better business results.

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