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Android Applications

Android Apps from Dedicated, Experienced Team

Compunnel is one of the emerging leaders in Android application development. We have been developing mobile applications for past two years and now have a dedicated team for creating innovative apps on the Android platform.

Our Android development team of skilled designers and developers assists you in evaluating your project’s feasability and clearly defining its requirements.  We then create a mobile solution that meets Android guidelines and your unique needs, delivering and launching it on tight project timelines while keeping costs manageable.

Android applications that we specialize in include:

  • OS level development to change the native UI, features and functionality
  • Multimedia application
  • Communication & office/business application
  • Banking and Investment application
  • Lifestyle, travel, health care and shopping-related application
  • Audio/video streaming application
  • Games, entertainment and social networking application
  • Client/server-based application
  • Job search application
  • Map navigation, news & weather forecaster
  • Security application
  • Tools, themes and various utility applications
  • And more

Contact us today for more information about our suite of enterprise mobile solutions.

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