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Comprehensive Assessments

Application Modernization Assessment to Ensure Migration Success

Many businesses have begun to recognize the power and agility of moving forward to modernize legacy applications that are limited and often no longer aligned with the business needs. The right modernization approach with a solid implementation plan will yield better performance, scalability, accessibility and functionality.

Our Application Modernization experts will conduct a comprehensive application portfolio assessment and evaluate your challenges with a deep business and technical focus. We provide a step-by-step assessment to take stock of and understand your applications, databases processes, environment and usage. We will also help you identify gaps in your operations and applications logic before you move forward. Plus, we’ll assess your current state, readiness for your desired state and what’s required to get you there.

Our Approach:

  • Discover current business processes, current software being used and the manual processes that respond to the gaps between the two
  • Identify processes and make recommendations in software implementations and changes to business processes that will help our customer progress to a desired state
  • Perform a functional requirement study
  • Identify and understand all integration points (third-party systems), hardware infrastructure, current system architecture and preferred architectural approach and framework
  • Identify concern areas and transformational challenges and provide approaches to de-risk these challenges
  • Identify security, industry standardizations and compliance requirements that must be considered
  • Take stock on the staff you have, what you need and support needed with added resources


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