Widespread adoption of mobile applications since 2012 has launched a new wave of change in the way companies approach application modernization. Mobile applications have also caused a shift in how application modernization service providers must approach solving application modernization requirements for their customers.

It’s clear to the players in the application modernization industry that mobile enterprise application development is crucial. However, the path to the best mobile enterprise application portfolio is still debatable – whether you create a mobile application from scratch, use an already developed application that requires customization or purchase an application from a commercial app store and then use it for the enterprise.

Leading industry analyst Gartner, Inc. forecasted that more than 73 billion mobile applications will be downloaded in 2013 alone. Gartner followed it up with another mind boggling projection of 287.9 billion applications to be downloaded by 2016.

This trend has begun a widespread disruption in every industry as mobile applications, coupled with greater connectivity, have forced companies and their CTOs/CIOs to take a hard look at their approach to application modernization. They need to determine how to be more responsive to the business with application modernization demands and assess how applications are being developed in-house and through vendors with mobility in mind.

Guiding companies on the path forward, Forrester Research writes about what it calls ‘The Mobile Mind Shift’ where they feel that the true meaning of mobile access is not about the devices and apps we use now, but the change in attitudes they are creating in the minds of millions of customers and employees.

Similarly, at Compunnel, we’re finding that more and more of the organizations we serve are telling us that application modernization is a “Top 10” priority for them. Modernizing your legacy application environments can make you more efficient, responsive and competitive. Application modernization, and specifically mobile applications, can better position your business to address new requirements users are demanding.

Compunnel is a leading business technology services company with a specialized focus on application modernization, including mobile applications. To help our customers solve their mobile application development requirements, we are helping them change their application modernization approach and get the work done in an efficient, cost-effective and nimble manner. Perfected through years of successful implementations, we have created well-defined solutions to create comprehensive assessments of mobile application needs, develop the right strategy and roadmap development to achieve their mobile objectives, migrate and outsource management and support for the applications.

Worldwide, the existence of app stores and open APIs that are “available and free to download” have shown us a new consumer-centric direction for application developers and enterprise IT management. To ensure that mobile solutions are scalable, some development teams have resorted to novel approaches, such as representational state transfer (REST) and Backend as a Service (BaaS). Development for mobile applications has also forced IT teams to re-learn skills, such as HTML5 and other front-end scripts, so they can create a front-end layer independent of data layer.

This has been a somewhat challenging experience for many CTOs. Jeff Schulman, Managing VP, Gartner Inc., has warned recently that to future-proof a company’s application strategy, the CTO and the top management in that company has to let go the obsolete way of thinking about application modernization. Schulman feels that the traditional approach to mobile applications is turning obsolete in the mobile and web driven world – where every stakeholder is accessing real-time data from a single layer or repository.

This is more evident when we at Compunnel look at the role of the developer with Backend as a service (BaaS). Now, front-end developers do not have to match their development cycles to connect to the backend they build, as BaaS will provide the backend along with integrated backend services. This new approach clearly defines the future of application modernization with respect to mobile computing.

Our experience at Compunnel is consistent with the recent observations from Gartner and Forrester. We view application modernization, including mobile application development and customization, as a different process than typical application development. It requires a different approach to be successful in achieving both short and long-term needs for the business.

We work with our customers to assess the pros and cons of each mobile application development approach and determine the best approach to solve their unique needs. We have seen the risks involved and addressed the right development and processes for numerous client projects. We have created a process to “de-risk”, control costs, prioritize and correctly map the project to deliver precise and accurate mobile applications that get results. To find out more about Compunnel’s approach to application modernization and mobility, contact us today.

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