Mobile apps are one of the most powerful tools available to your business today. Over the past few years, mobile application development has been growing dramatically, with a large percentage of the population utilizing iPhone apps and Android apps on a daily basis.

But mobile apps aren’t just for games – they can be custom-tailored to drive efficiencies, improve revenue and streamline processes for your business. Not sure how mobile apps fit into your business strategy?

Mobile Apps Can Transform Your Business
With mobile app growth exploding today, many enterprises are curious about mobile app development but don’t quite know how the mobile app fits within their business infrastructure. The reality is that mobile apps have a great deal of potential in a variety of business settings, such as:

  • eLearning: When you utilize mobile apps for eLearning, you unlock a powerful tool. Mobile apps for eLearning enable you to train your workforce on the go – on their own schedules, in their own offices, without taking time out to travel or attend special classes or conferences. With mobile apps, you can leverage powerful handheld multimedia devices with a rich client interface, and create a mobile, field-based workforce.
  • Logistics management: Some businesses face unique logistical challenges which are ideally positioned to be streamlined through mobile apps. A mobile app can enable both your internal and external customers to do things like track packages, determine delivery dates, receive real-time updates and easily communicate regarding questions and outstanding issues.
  • Internal systems and processes: Mobile apps can improve your internal systems and processes. Make it easy for workers to input data, share information and analyze results with powerful mobile application development tools. Streamline your processes and improve efficiencies with internal business development apps.
  • Evaluation and review platforms: Evaluations and reviews are integral to some business applications, and mobile app development makes it easy to solve the problems of fieldwork and mobile data entry. Use a mobile app to complete evaluations and reviews on-site, without going back to a centralized location to input data or analyze results.
  • Inventory management: Seamlessly integrate multiple devices to track products throughout the inventory process, from ordering to selling. Mobile apps for inventory management make it easy to determine on-hand counts, decide when it’s time to re-order and can help you track your inventory efficiently, without ordering delays or expensive overage carrying costs.
  • Sales: Mobile sales apps make it easy for your employees to share details in the field, input new clients, show products, make presentations and close sales. Leverage the power of these rich multimedia tools to create a successful, agile mobile sales force.

Any time you have users recording and/or sharing data at some point in your business structure, a mobile app can simplify this process. Mobile apps make it easy to track, record, evaluate and distribute data, dramatically improving your processes.

Mobile apps are designed for speed, which is perfect in a business setting where you want to accomplish tasks as efficiently as possible. And people are already familiar and comfortable with using mobile apps, which drastically reduces the learning curve.

Building a Mobile App Strategy
Mobile apps can help you create great success for your business, but they need vision and strategy behind them to be truly effective.

Many businesses fail to realize the full potential of their mobile app platform. They don’t fully conceptualize key functionality, or bury themselves in poor design – and fail to properly engage their users.

You don’t just need a mobile app; you need a mobile application development partner who understands your processes and can help you leverage your business platform most effectively. Compunnel has been working with businesses for more than 20 years to create truly powerful applications; applications that not only increase profitability, but also seamlessly integrate with your current infrastructure.

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