Your choice of service delivery model is one of the primary components to drive efficiencies and maximize business potential. Some projects require onsite resources, while other projects benefit from offsite leveraging. A hybrid delivery model that incorporates elements of both onsite and offsite resources into a global delivery option is often the right solution and offers the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Onsite Consulting
In an onsite consulting scenario, enterprises have direct access to skilled consultants in their own offices. Onsite consulting has the benefit of offering increased security for sensitive data that you want to control within your facility.

Additionally, working onsite gives consultants direct interaction with the ongoing production environment. This face-to-ace interaction helps overcome the communication challenges that can arise with outsourcing.

Many businesses find that an onsite service delivery model works best for short-term projects. It’s the preferred model when the scope and direction of the project can change, and it’s also the most efficient way of working on a project that requires approval after each stage in development. However, the onsite delivery model may be cost-prohibitive for clients with budget or facility-related constraints.

Advantages of an Offshore Delivery Model
An offshore or global delivery model enables budget-constrained enterprises to utilize outside talent on an as-needed basis to reach deliverable goals. With an offshore delivery model, you have the flexibility to scale up or down as demand dictates. Add resources to reach a critical or time-sensitive goal, or reduce offshore staffing during seasonal or project downtime.

With a global delivery model, you also have the benefit of business continuity with a time advantage. Utilizing offshore development facilities, you can create a round-the-clock delivery schedule to maximize productivity. Combine this with the flexibility to scale up and down based on deliverable deadlines, and you can make amazing leaps in your development cycle.

Additionally, when enterprises utilize an offshore delivery model, they gain access to the most optimal resources. They are no longer limited to what they are able to afford to accommodate onsite. Instead, they gain access to the best possible technology, skilled consultants and high-performance equipment.

Hybrid Approach Offers Best of Both Worlds
Many enterprises find that the hybrid service delivery model offers the best combination of cost optimization and a quick turnaround.

By combining an onsite and offshore component, you can mange sensitive data, directly supervise skilled consultants and utilize resources as needed to meet your deadlines. You can enjoy 24-hour development activity and maintain full control over project development.

This optimal mix of onsite and offshore efforts also prevents the communication and time difference challenges that can emerge with outsourcing.

When businesses utilize a hybrid approach, personnel and management of the project is typically divided in a manner such as:

Onsite Tasks

  • Gather information and interact with the client
  • Plan the project
  • Interact directly with the client as the development cycle progresses
  • Execute the project and manage the partnership to the client’s expectations and satisfaction

Offshore Tasks

  • Work on or complete the project to the client’s specifications
  • Provide support for the onsite team

The hybrid service delivery model is typically preferred when the project is complicated and may continue for a long period of time. Onsite staff typically completes 20% to 30% of the work and is responsible for managing the project, while the offshore development center handles the bulk of the work at a lower cost and facility management burden to the business.

Which Service Delivery Model is Right for You?
Matching the right service delivery model to your needs is key to maximizing value, driving efficiencies and meeting the deadlines in your production schedule. Compunnel has more than 20 years of experience in customizing delivery models to meet client goals, needs and budgets – all to ensure your enterprise gets the right mix of onsite and offsite resources.

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