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Recruiters are becoming more like digital marketers. Just writing the ‘skills required’ is not enough to snag the purple squirrels. Compelling stories on how can they become successful and what benefits the profile can bring to them is the art of grabbing their attention.

What is a Purple Squirrel?

Purple squirrels are considered to be trophies of the talent acquisition World. It is basically a metaphor used amongst recruiters for addressing the right-fit against client company’s requirements. Every human being is flawed and pertaining to the client’s expectations which are mostly unrealistic, recruiters gave it the identity of a non-existing animal “purple squirrel”. Almost all such candidates are passive in nature, i.e., they are considered for hiring but are not looking for any job change. In this extremely competitive world these candidates are very difficult to find and possess the ideal mix of skills, education and experience.

Characteristics of a Purple Squirrel

  • Perfect experience to the role
  • Ideal educational background
  • Apt skills

Where are their burrows?

As demand for their skills is high, they are too rare to bank on. They reside comfortably in their current positions where they get proper hikes for retention. But this is not the end of the scoop!

In this information era everyone has gone digital and so the purple squirrels can be found on the internet too. Social media can be a good target for the modern recruiters. They can reach such candidates through social networking, content marketing, job boards and email marketing majorly.


Few years ago when social networking platforms were not very pervasive, the recruitment process was less crucial. There were scanty resources for job searching like employee referrals and job portals and so hunting purple squirrels had less fickle.

If we draw attention towards the present scenario then things have changed drastically. May that be the mind set of people or the ruling trends, everything has gone digital. Due to the emergence of internet and mobile technology, people have stepped up in terms of networking and acknowledging opportunities. People consider what they find attractive as gone are those days when purple squirrels used to work for peanuts, which are the pay and benefits which you are willing to pay.

The new trend

Recruiters are becoming more like digital marketers. Just writing the ‘skills required’ is not enough to snag the purple squirrels. Compelling stories on how can they become successful and what benefits the profile can bring to them is the art of grabbing their attention. Recruiters are required to network with good profiles and understand what the motivating factor is for them. Accordingly the designing of emails and taglines for the job roles and personalization of emails is the strategy which needs to be followed now.

A good recruiter acts like a networker and not a cold-caller. He understands the job market and knows-well the art of selling more satisfaction and growth and not more money. Designing of emails, newsletters and infographics with bigger ‘target’ buttons and captivating keywords leads to a successful approach.

Modes to make-it-killing

Recruitment strategy needs evolution pertaining to the current scenario. Purple squirrels are digital citizens and hence they should be treated like that. Below is the run-down to capture the right-fit in the current market:

  • Social networking
  • Social media for increasing database of skilful candidates by regular postings
  • Job boards
  • Job alerts via mobile phones, email and ad pop up notifications
  • Recruitment marketing emails to the database on regular basis
  • Content marketing of the prevalent skills in the market and ‘how to’ scenarios. This increases the recognition as well as helps in branding
  • Keyword search and Google search

Prevailing problem & solution-

Since last two years, the stats of U.S recruitment have shown a big drop in filling the job requirements. The main reason for it stand out be lack of the right candidate.  To overcome this problem it is very essential for recruiters to follow a well-defined strategic plan.

Strangers  >  Visitors  >  Contacts  >  Applicants

They should maintain a pool of talent from the very initial stage of their career. Visitors on their write-ups, infographics and all such activities are a good resource for their talent pool. Proper nurturing of such candidates over the time will make them ready for applications at the time of any crucial requirement.


Some of the best places to work in the tech industry like Google and Microsoft have hundreds of job openings that have been there for four, five and six months or more. They aren’t the only ones by a long shot. Hiring managers and recruiters keep them open hoping that one day, they’ll get a notification of the perfect new applicant.

This surely is time taking and highly costing to companies, but if the recruiters find their purple squirrel moments in the midst of this toil, then it can change their as well as the companies’ fortunes.

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